Established in Aug. 28, 1995, China Canned Food Industry Association (CCFIA) is the only national wide legal organization entrusted by the Chinese Government. Its members mainly include canned food producing enterprises, sale companies, research, inspecting, detecting units, equipment manufacturers, raw material providing companies and management departments and units. The highest authority of CCFIA is the member representative assembly. The trustee council under the leadership of president is responsible to the member representative assembly. The standing organization of the association is the secretariat in Beijing, China. CCFIA is the representative of the common interests of the members. Its aim is to promote the development in canned food industry in China and provide high quality services to all the members. ? Investigate on canned food development in the different regions in China ? Issue and management of the factory code ? Statistics, information collection, analysis and release ? Publication issue; provide consulting, organize training ? Organize exhibition, trade show; help and direct the improvement of enterprises management ? Participate in formulating and revising of the national and industrial standard; participate in the quality management and supervision; popularizing and applying the scientific and technological achievements ? Organizing economic and technology exchange and cooperation domestic and overseas ? Formulate and supervising the guild regulation execution; solving price disputes in order to protect and facilitate fair competition in the industry ? Reflect the requests of the members; harmonizing the relation between members, safeguard their legitimate rights and interests ? development of the industry and the public welfare The canned food of China is the main export products to many countries around the world. The potential is very huge to increase the export with its super quality and competitive price. Nowadays, CCFIA is doing hard to develop the domestic market and help the enterprises to produce more suitable products to Chinese market. In order to promote the development of the canned food industry, CCIFA is willing to ? establish the wide connection with the Organizations, Chamber of Commerce, companies and enterprises, scientific research institutions all over the world; ? doing regular exchanges and cooperation; ? enhance the mutual understanding, proceed the information and technology exchange; ? create more trade opportunities; ? Dedicated more and more nutrition and health canned food.